Too Many Knitting Patterns?!

The loss of knitting mojo is a terrifying thing.

Lately the loss of mojo has been happening with increasing regularity and at long last, I’ve figured it out: The problem was my huge backlog of magazines, patterns, and Ravelry downloads. How fun can knitting be with my bookshelves heaving with psychic pressure to knit faster? I know some people don’t feel guilt if they have things they don’t use, but I do. I’ve realized I feel quite overwhelmed and pressured by the amount of knitting patterns I’ve amassed. Working in a yarn shop for a few years, and being a lover of new ideas and techniques, it was easy to get carried away, but I have had to face what having *too much* was doing to me.

It was sucking out all of my energy and creativity, no seriously.

We all have finite amounts of energy and time, and if you’re anything like me, all of these distractions end up depleting your knitting mojo, not igniting it.

The solution for me was to ruthlessly go through it all and gift most of them to someone else. I’ve wanted to create my own patterns and rely on my own whits to develop my knitting projects now for some time. Having all of these patterns was my excuse/crutch not to jump in and create. I’m not sure why I have been so scared of myself, but come January 1st I am going to start knitting from my own brain.

*Aside from the completely awesome Stephen West Fancy Pantsy pattern I’m currently knitting up and a few other really beautiful and classic designs I saved to knit up. I’m not completely crazy. 🙂


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